The Tipling Philosophers

The Tipling PHILOSOPHERS, set by Mr Leveridge, and Sung at the Theatre in Dublin.

Diogenes Surly and proud, who snarl’d at the Macedon Youth, Delighted in Wine that was Good, because in good Wine there is Truth;But growing as poor as a Job, unable to purchase a Flask,he chose for his Mansion a Tube, and liv’d by the Scent of the C - - -And liv’d by the Scent of the Cask.

Heraclitus wou’d never deny, to tipple and cherish his Heart,And when he was maudlin he’d cry, because he had emptied his Quart,Tho’ some are so foolish to think, he wept at Men’s Follies and Vice,‘Twas only his Fashion to drink, ‘till the Liquor flow’d out of his Eyes.

Democritus always was glad of a Bumper to chear up his SoulAnd wou’d laugh like a Man that was mad, when over a good flowing Bowl,As long as his Cellar was stor’d, the Liquor he’d merrily quaff,And when he was drunk as a Lord, at those that were sober he’d laugh.

Copernicus too like the rest, believ’d there was Wisdom in Wine,And thought a Cup of the best, made Reason the better to shine,With Wine he’d replenish his Veins, and make his Philosophy reel,Then fancied the World his like Brains, turn’d round like a Chariot Wheel.

Aristotle that Master of Arts, had been but a Dunce without Wine.And what we ascribe to his Parts, is due to the Juice of the Vine,His Belly most Writers agree, was as big as a watering Trough,He therefore leap’d in to the Sea, because he’d have Liquor enough.

Old Plato that learned Divine, he fondly to Wisdom was prone,But had it not been for good Wine, his Merits we never had known,By Wine we are generous made, it furnishes Fancy with Wings,Without it we ne’er shou’d have had, Philosophers, Poets, or Kings.