Shuseen Bane

Sughuisín Bán

Cuirim díbirt ar an aoise a choidhche is go bráth,Is craobhsgaoileadh air as taobh ó ‘s fíochmuil domh a rádh; bfuighin faoidhche naoi n-aoidhche le n-aideamhuin mo grádh,Chioscfin ciocras go faobhrach faoi an tsughuisín bháin.

Anns an ord soin ‘s é is brón domh bhfuigheam go bráth,A bheithsuigh a gcóisir na hóige a gcumon le mnáibh;Sul a dtoirlingin dan mbánchnuc go m’féidir léi a rádhGo bhfuair cóireamh dhó uam faoi an tsuighsín bháin.

Ni chuirim cáin ar na mnáibh feasta go bráth ans an oidhcheA bhéaradh fasgadh da bán-chrios an aice le mo chroidhe;Chuireadh lámh dheas na mbán-mbos thoram ‘s mo luighe,Is ‘bhéaradh fáilte agus grádh dhomh faoi an tsuighsín bhuidhe.

  • QUB Bunting MS 10/99 (Suggested in Nicholas Carolan, 2010, p.95)
  • The White Blanket

    I banish age for once and for all, And I denounce it because it makes me angry to say so; If I got a space of nine nights to tell my love, I would satisfy my desire keenly under the white blanket. In that position it is a cause of sorrow to me that I won’t ever be, To get to be sitting in a party of young people or in company with women; Before she descends from the fair hill may she be able to say That she was well dealt with twice by me under the white blanket. I don’t ever blame the women in the night Who used to give the shelter of their white skins alongside my heart; Who used put a fine white-palmed hand over me as I lay, And who would give me welcome and love under the yellow blanket.

    (Translation in Nicholas Carolan, 2010, p.95)