Challeeny vacca shu sheorshe

A chailínigh, ‘chailíngh, ‘bhfaca sibh Seóirse

A chailínigh, ‘chailíngh, ‘bhfaca sibh Seóirse,Seanduine liath is é ‘síor-dhol ann óige?B’aite leis cailínbheith aige ina sheomra,Píopa tobac agus canna maith beorach.

  • QUB Bunting MS 26/11 (Suggested in Nicholas Carolan, 2010, p.94)
  • Girls, girls, have you seen George, A grey old man who is always getting younger? He loves to have a girl with him in his room, A pipe of tobacco and a good can of beer.

    (Translation in Nicholas Carolan 2010, p.94)