Ishabele Burk

Isiobal Búrc

Shiubhlainn aoidhe agus leat,Is gach ain áit ar feadh Éirion;Is rachuinn chum na Spáin leat,‘S gan phinghinbheith mar spré agum.Mo lucht gaoil agus páirteMur geall ort go dtréigfinn go dtiucfadh an bás,Is a rádh gur leis féin .

  • QUB Bunting MS 10/81 (Suggested in Nicholas Carolan, 2010, p.93)
  • Isabel Burke.

    I would walk night and day with you, And every single place throughout Ireland; And I would go to Spain with you, And I without two pennies for a dowry. My relations and friends For your sake I would desert Until death would come, To have it to say that I belong to him.

    (Translation from Nicholas Carolan, 2010, p.93)