My Bonny Dear Shonny

My bonny dear Shonny

My bonny dear Shonny, My cronny my honeyWhy dost thou grumble And keep in thy words soe.Sighing crying and groaning and frowningAh why dost thou still lay thy hand on thy sword soeWhat if ye traytors will talk of state mattersAnd raile att the king without caus or reasonWe will love on and lett buisness alonefor billing and kissing Can nere be found treason.

Plotting and sotting and raileing and foolingGods woons with ye rabble is now all the fashion.Swearing and tearing Caballing and brawlingBy chrest and St Patrick twill ruin the nationhe’s but a widgon that talks of religionSince rebells are now the reformers and teachersSodoms disciple debauches the peopleOh heaven defend us from all of such preachers.

Vision sedetions and railing petetionsThe rabble believe and are wondrous merryAll can remember the fifth of NovemberBut no man the thirtith of ianuaryTalking of treason without any reasonWe hath lost ye poor cittys bountiful charterThe commons harraning will bring em to hangingAnd each puppy hopes to be knight of ye garter.

Clayton and Peyton Papillion that VillinWith Cornish and Ward are ye monarchy huntersRaskals to low are to lodg in the towerAnd Scarsby are fitting to fill up the CounterBethel is fled to and tony is dead toOur fate to befriend us made bold to strike sirRouted the bigot and pul’d out ye spigotHis fame and his body now stink alike sir.