Mount Taragh's Triumph 5 July 1626
(Tune: The Careere)

Mount Taraghs Triumph 5 July 1626To the tune of the Careere

King Charles be thou blest, with peace and with rest;who caus’d this assembly hither.Welcome yee Peeres, yee Earles of our Shiresyee Viscounts, and Barons together.Taragh the Mount, his joyes doth account,being grac’d with your gratefull presence.Nobles then all, at Falkland his call,to Charles see you now give your obeysance.

Knights of great merits, generous of spirits,To Taragh ye’are welcome this day:Esquiers, and gentrie, the force of our Countrie,to march on in battle array:Spirits of great worth, from the South to the North,whose hearts doe to honor aspire,To stand with renowne, for Charles and his crowne,is your onely delight, and desire.

The Squadrons appeere, the Troupes they Careere,from the foote to the Hill, to the top;With force (like a flood, being mainely withstood)their courage indureth no stop.King Charles to thy Troupes, the hill of Taragh stoupesthat long a Royall Mansion hath beene:With Ecchoes in the skies, it shouts and it cries,long life to King Charles and his Queene.

What can your foes expect by your blowes,and the force of your conquering hands?If they be bent to take their event,to approach to your shears, or your sands;Backe you will send them, or altogether end them:for the heavens and your right will uphold you:Captaines why then, come marshall your men,as if Mars, or King Charles did behold you.

Falkland behold, this Armie most bold,most constant, and loyall of hearts;To make up their Fortes, or to maintaine their Portes,prepar’d to performe their parts;With hearts they doe show such homage as they owe,and straight at a call doe attend:King Charles his Pavillion against an arm’d Millionof foes, they will stoutly defend.

The Median-soyle, unpatient of the foyle,is the heart of our native landMount Taragh of fame, is the heart of the same,whereon this Royall armie doth stand.That heart, of her heart, with every other part,faire Ireland presents to her King,With Trumpets and Drums (not fearing foe that comes)King Charles his triumph let us sing.

Yee Gentlemen, and Squiers, yee Knights of the Shires,your service with courage maintaine:In everie degree let noble Falkland seethat your hearts, with your Prince doe remaine:Then will be relate unto the King and State,that Ireland breeds subjects most loyall,Yee Barons, Viscounts, Earles, give thanks to King Charles,who caus’d this assembly most royall.GOD SAVE THE KING