Smalilou, &c.


1.There was an Irish Lad who lov’d a cloyster’d Nun, And it made him very sad for what was to be done,He thought it was a big shame, a most confounded sin,That she cou’d not get out at all, and he cou’d not get in:Yet he went ev’ry day, he cou’d do nothing more, Yet he went ev’ry day to the Convent door, And he sang sweetlySmalilou, Smalilou, SmalilouAnd he sang sweetly Smalilou Gramachree and Paddy whack.

2.To catch a glimpse of herHe play’d a thousand tricks,The bolts he tried to stir,And he gave the wall some kicks;He stamp’d and rav’d, and sigh’d, and pray’d and many times he sworeThe Devil burn the Iron bolts, the devil take the door:Yet he went ev’ry day, he made it a rule.Yet he went ev’ry day, and look’d like a fool.Tho’ he sung sweetly Smalilou &c.

3.One morn she left her Bed,Because she cou’d not sleep.And to the Window sped,To take a little peep:And what did she do then, I am sure you’ll think it rightShe bade the honest Lad good day, she bad the Nuns good night:Tenderly she listen’d to all he had to sayThen jump’d into his Arms, and so they ran away.And they sung sweely Smalilou &c.
Smalilou & c. (There was an Irish lad)