Beautiful and Bold Trainer-O

Beautiful and Bold Trainer O

I am a young damsel that lies here in bondage,The same I can never deny,That I feel in love with a young collegian,In Drogheda college now does lie.

My eyes they grew dim and my spirits I did loose,When I heard of that sad heavenly news,That I for ever more my darling shall looseHe is my beautiful bold Treanor O.

I wrote a petition and sent it to my true loveStill thinking it might stop his degrees,I knew his intention that he was determin'dThe blessed robes to wear speedily.

When the bishop had read of the same,He said noble Trainor a statute of fame,In spite of the ladies you must be ordainedAnd a priest unto Paris you must go.

Now adieu sweet Balingrove where my love and I did wanderWhen drest in its mantle of green,No more shall it bloom since my true love is gone,Until he does return unto me.

The small birds shall join and quit their melody,No more shall the cuckoo be heard on the tree,But straightaway to Paris away they will fleeWith my beautiful bold Treanor O.

My love being returned from his ordinationThe world might then have pitied me,On the ensuing Sunday near Balli[n]akill,O its there I first did him see.

Standing on the altar his robes he did wearWith his red rosy cheeks and coal black hairHe won ladies hearts and he left them in despairHe is my beautiful bold Treanor O.

The pagans do worship some gods of goldAnd some parents do worship the same,For thirty bright pieces our Saviour was sold,Blessed and praised be his holy name.

But my cruel parents for sake of the storeThey would have sold me out for ever moreI would sooner beg my bread from door to door,With my beautiful bold Treanor O.

Now since my true-love has changed his mind,And turned his back to all female kind,To the way of religion myself I will incline,With my beautiful bold Treanor O.

Beautiful and Bold Trainer-O