Would you silence a patriot committee
(Tune: Moll Roe)

Air IV. Sung by PlutusTune, Moll Roe.

Would you silence a patriot Committee,Touch their Lips with your magical WandThrough Country, and Senate, and City,'Tis the Key and the Lock of the Land.Chorus] Thro' the Country, and Senate, and City,'Tis the Key and the Lock of the Land.

Take a Piece of this same from your Coffer,Display to the Voter your Pelf;And the Wretch having nothing to offer,Will frugally sell you -------- himself.Chorus]And the Wretch, &c.

'Tis a Shot for the Fowl of all Feather,A Bait for the Gust of all Fish:To this every Gudgeon will gather,And plump- - - - - ready drest, in your Dish,Chorus] To this every, &c.

If the Booby, your Pupil, so dull is,He scarce can remember his Name;Yet his Mouth it shall open like Tully's,When fed with a Spoon of this same.Chorus]Yet his Mouth, &c.

Though a Rascal, a Bear, and a Blockhead,Unconscious of Mood, or of Tense;This plastic Receipt in your Pocket,Gives Grace, Figure, Virtue, and Sense.Chorus]This plastic Receipt, &c.

'Tis Gold that all Women bewitches,Through wrinkled, and thinner than Lawn;If you get but the Pence in your Britches,You'll want neither Beauty- - -nor Brawn.Chorus]If you get but the Pence, &c.

In the Courts should your Cause be disjointed,Let not that sink your spirits one Peg;With the Oil of this Nostrum anoint it,'Twill make it as right as my Leg.Chorus] With the Oil, &c.

Would you get a fat Church in your Clutches,Tip my old gouty---------the Wink;At the Token, he'll cast off his Crutches,And dance to the Tune of old Chink.Chorus]At the Token, &c.

Old Saints will for this fell their Manuels;O'er this, at your sovereign Nod,Old----------- will skip like young Spaniels,And Cardinals kiss you this Rod.Chorus]Old-------------,&c.

The study aught else is but Nonsense,From hence all Philosophy springs;'Tis the Crown, Beauty, Cause, and good ConscienceOf Priests, Ladies, Lawyers, and Kings.Chorus]'Tis the Crown, &c.