The Cottage Boy

The Cottage BoyA favourite Song: with a Piano-forte or Harp Accompaniment

I.Mora shook her locks, the budding rose Smil’d at the dart which pass’d away, In renovated beauty blows, And sheds her perfume on the day, In renovated beauty blows And sheds her perfume on the day.When Lubin nature’s rustic child Tried calm contentment to enjoy, And sweetly thus in wood-notes wild, Would cheerful sing the Cottage Boy, Would cheerful sing, would cheerful sing, Would cheerful sing the Cottage Boy.

II.How blest my days since Sylvia’s kind,No other joy I wish to know,For in her smiles soft bliss I find,In her all gentle virtues glow;The slaves of fortune let me shun,My humble Cottage to enjoy,When toil and labour’s o’er and done.Thus chearful sung the COTTAGE BOY.

III.Returning at mild ev’ning’s hour,Perhaps my Sylvia I may meet,For her I’ll cull the choicest flower,And strew them at my fair one’s feet;Then as they drooping die ’twill prove,That time e’en beauty will destroy,How transient then is youthful loveThus cheerful, &c.