The Harp in softly pleasing strains

The Harp in softly Pleasing Strains. A New Song with an accompaniment for the pedal harp or piano forte. Composed by I.A. Stevenson, Mus Doc.

The Harp in softly pleasing strains,Warbled one night of lovers woe,May She who sung of others pain,Never those pains that anguish know,The Harp in softly pleasing stains,warbled warbled one night of lovers woe,May she who sung of others pains,never never those pains of anguish know,never those pains of anguish know.

Surely the maid my fate has wroughtwhose tresses boast, the light of daywhose dimpled cheek, a ray has soughtto drive the deepest gloom away,may Heav’n preserve your Gentle heart,from every sorrow mortals know,what Joys the world can here impart,And what the next the next may each bestow,what the next may each bestow.