Reynard the Fox

Reynard the Fox

The first day of spring in the year ninety three,The first recreation was in this counterie;The King's county gentleman o'er the hills, dales and rocks,They rode out so jovially in search of a fox.

Tally-ho hark-away,Tally-ho hark-away,Tally-ho hark-away,My boys away, hark-away.

When Reynard was started he faced Tullamore,Arklow and Wicklow along the sea-shore:We kept his brush in view ev'ry yard of the way,And he straight took his course through the street of Roscrea! Tally-ho, &c

But Reynard, sly Reynard, lay hid there that night,And they swore they would watch him until the daylight;Early next morning the woods they did resoundWith the echo of horns and the sweet cry of hounds. Tally-ho, &c

When Reynard was started he faced to the hollow,Where none but the hounds and footmen could follow;The gentlemen cried "Watch him, watch him, what shall we do?"If the rocks do not stop him he will cross Killaloe!" Tally-ho, &

When Reynard was taken, his wishes to fulfill,He called for ink and paper, and pen to write his will;And what he made mention of, they found it no blank,For he gave them a cheque on the national bank. Tally-ho, &

"To you, Mr Casey, I give my whole estate;And to you, young O'Brien, my money and my plate;And I give to you, Sir Francis, my whip, spurs and cap,For you crossed walls and ditches and ne'er looked for a gap!" Tally-ho, &