Freedom Triumphant
(Tune: Boyne Water)

Freedom Triumphant

The fourteenth of July, in Paris town,There was a glorious battle,where many a tyrant lay on the groundBy canons that did rattleThe people firmly did advance,which made their foes to wonder;Their country's right they did maintainThe Bastille tore asunder.

The tocsin's sound did soon resound,All ranks did fly to armsBoth young and old, as I am told,Not fearing war's alarms.The hue and cry 'Live, Free or Die'Was heard from each defenderAnd Viva la! was the tune they played,To make their foes surrender.

French soldiers then, like honest men,Said, 'Sure these are our brothers;Why then should we not join to freeOur children, wives and mothers?We need not be the least afraid,We'll elect our own commander;For God will be our chief this day-Freedom's banner we fight under'.

A standard then they did prepare,Liberty's stripes they raised,which did inspire with electric fireFrenchmen so long enslaved;With sword in hand they marched on,Their foes they soon did scatter,Their tyrant's crown was then struck down,And soon they did it tatter.

From France now see Liberty's treeIts branches wide extending;The Swine to it for shelter run-Full fast they are assembling:They grunt and groan, with hideous tone,Against all base connivers;They now unite, and swear they'll biteTheir unrelenting drivers.