Cotchelin sat all alone. A favourite Irish Song

Cotchelin sat all Alone. A favourite Irish Song, Sung by Mr Johnstone.

1.COTCHELIN sat all alone, not a soul beside her, While from TEDDY who was gone Oceans did divide her,His Pipes which she’d been us’d to hear, careless left behind him,She thought she’d try her woes to cheer, till once again she’d find him.’Twill not do you loodle loo, Arrah now be easy,Ted was born with grief to make Cotchelin run crazy.

2.She takes them up and lays them down,And now her bosom’s panting;And now she’d sigh, and now she’d frown,For TEDDY still was wanting;And now she plays her pipes again,The Pipes of her dear TEDDY,And makes them tune his fav’rite StrainArrah be easy Paddy,Ah twill not do you loodle loo,Arrah! now be easy,TED was born with grief to make,COTCHELIN run crazy.

3.TEDDY from behind a bush,Where he’d long been list’ning,Now like light’ning forth did rush,His eyes with pleasure glist’ning,Snatching up the pipes he play’d,Pouring out his Pleasure,Whilst half delighted half afraid,Kate the time did measure,Ah that will do my loodle loo,Arrah! now I’m easy,TED was born with Joy to make,COTCHELIN run crazy.