I'm an Irish young Fellow. New Words to Lango Lee.

NEW WORDS to LANGO LEE. Written by a Gentleman of this City.

I’m an IRISH young Fellow ʼtis very well known,I’m sometimes as merry as merry can beAnd when that I meet with a Girl of the Town, I play her a tune call’d LANGO LEE,Lango Lee the Tune is so pleasing, to Maids Wives & Widows ʼtis always engaging,I’m heartily welcome wherever I be and all for the sake of my LANGO LEE.

2.The skill of Physicians cou’d never prevail,I’m sure it cou’d never prevail with me,All these whom I’ve cur’d with great pleasure & skillMust ever give praise to my LANGO LEE;LANGO LEE! there’s not such another,ʼTis good for the Daughter as well as the Mother,It cures all obstrctions most Wonderfully;No Physick’s compar’d to my LANGO LEE.

3.By obscure direction those Doctors get bread,But brave jovial Fellows by bending the kennTo Consumptive Girls who cry they’re just Dead,Unless that you cure them with LANGO LEE;LANGO LEE! those Doctors are DevilsPretending to cure us of incident EvilsWe’ll banish these Fumblers and give them no fee,Because they wont cure us with LANGO LEE.

4.Your green Tea and Coffee they now lay asideAnd Merrily Merrily join with me,In Closets & Corners we frequently hideWhen I play them that tune call’d LANGO LEE;LANGO LEE! there’s not such another,And if you have that Oh! offer no otherFor Gold rings & Jewels are trifles we see,Psha! nothing compar’d to my LANGO LEE.

Publishe’d by Jn LEE at the New Music Shop almost opposite Georges Lane Dame Street (No 64).