Thus Damon knock't: A New Song set by Mr Leveridge

A new song set by Mr Leveridge, Sung at the Theater in Dublin

Thus Damon knock’t at Celias Door,he sigh’d, he beg’d, he wept and swore,the Signe was so.She answard no, no no &cagaine he sigh’d, againe he pray’d, no no Damon no no DamonI’m afraid, Consider Damon, Consider DamonConsider I’m a Maid Consider I’m a MaidConsider no no no no I’m a Maid no no no noAt last his sighs & tears made wayShe rose & softly turn’d the key.Come in said she, come come, come, come inBut doe not doe not stay.I may conclude, you will be rude,but if you are you may.