The Irish Jig: or, The Night Ramble

The Irish Jig: Or, The Night Ramble

1.One Night in my ramble I chanc’d to see,a thing like a Spirit it frighned me.I Cock’d up my Hat and resolv’d to look big,And straight fell a tuning the Irish Jigg.

2.The Devil drew nearer and nearer in short,I found it was one of the Petticoat sort,My Fears being over I car’d not a Fig,But still I kept tuning the Irish Jig.

3.And then I went to her, resolving to try her,I put her a gig of a longing desire,I told her I’d give her a Whip for her Gig,And a Scourge to the Tune of the Irish Jig.

4.Then nothing but Dancing our Fancy could pleaseWe lay on the Grass and Danc’d at our ease,I down with my Breeches and off with my WigAnd we fell a Dancing the Irish Jig.

5.I thank you kind Sir, for your kindness said she,The Scholar’s as wise as the Master can be,For if you should chance to get me with Kid,I’ll lay the poor Brat to the Irish Jig.

6.The Dance being ended as you may see,We rose by Consent and we both went away,I put on my Cloaths and left her to grow big,And so I went roaring the Irish Jig.