A New Song sung at the theatre in Dublin

A New Song set by Mr Leveridge, sung at the Theater in Dublin.

1.When Sawney first did woe me, he did at distance stand.Advancing to undoe me,he gently took my hand;he gently rais’d it higher,with pish and much adoe,his Lips still creeping nigher, at last he kist it to[o].

2.Advancing more to try me,with loves inchanting grace:he drew himself more nigh me,And gently touch’d my face;he set it all on fire,with pish and much adoe;his lips approaching nigher,at least he kist me, too;

3.Completely to undoe me,he Clasp’t me in his armes;as tho’ he wou’d goe through me,and search out all my Charms;as tho’ he would goe through me,with oh and much adoe,as sure as er’e he knew me,at last he did it too.