New Volunteer song

A NEW VOLUNTEER SONG.By Walter Burke Esquire. Set to Musick by John Willman.

1.Ierne long for virtue fam’d but late absorb’d in slavery-;by martial ardour now in flam’d, exerts her native bravery:her dauntless songs by rage inspir’d, by sence of former treatment fir’din corps unite, and firmly bound by every tie that bends the brave resolv’d their native land to save, thro’ all her soil their trumpets sound

2.The art of Franc, the wealth of Spain,Their troops that fill the field;Their traitorous bribe, wou’d strive in vain,To make our patriacts yield:The product of our fertile isle,Where all the sweets of nature smile,Will keep us gen’rous brave and free;Wealth only serves to make us slavesTo worthless ministerial knaves:Far, Ireland! be such tho’ts from thee!

3.If any Foe (no matter who)Should dare our rights t’invade;With heart and hand we’ll freely go,Wher’er our Gen’rals lead,Soon as the triumpet’s sound we hear,The heart of each bold Volunteer,With innate valour bounds: each Eye;With joy behold, the foe in sight,The quickly turn to shameful flightBefore us sons of Liberty.

4.See where Killmain, Illust’rous shines,With Horse and Foot each band Breaks thro’ the thickest of their lines,Under brave Cuffs command:Tyrawly close behind advance,They strike the dastard sons of France,And haughty dons with pannic fear.Ye fair! come forth with all your charms!Receive your Heroes to your arms!And give us each a Volunteer!