An excellent new song upon the declarations of the several corporations of the city of Dublin; against Wood’s half-pence. To the tune of London is a fine town &c

AN excellent New Song Upon the Declarations of the several Corporations of the City of Dublin; against WOODs’s Half-pence.To the Tune of London is a fine Town &c.

O DUBLIN is a fine Town,And a Gallant City,For Woods Trash is tumbled down,Come listen to my Ditty.O Dublin is a fine Town &c.

In full Assembly all did meetOf ev’ry Corporation,From ev’ry Line, and ev’ry Street,To save the sinking Nation.O Dublin &c.

The Bankers wou’d not let it passFor to be Wood’s Tellers,Instead of Gold to count his Brass,And fill their Small-Beer Cellars.O Dublin &c.

And next to them to take his CoinThe Yeild wou’d not submit,They all did go and all did joyn,And so their Names they Write.O Dublin &c.

The Brewers met within their Hall,And spoke in lofty Strains,These Half pence shall not pass at all,They want so many Grains.O Dublin &c.

The Taylors came upon this Pinch,And wish’d the D[o]g in H[e]ll,Shou’d we give this same Woods an Inch,We know he’d take an Ell.O Dublin &c.

But now the Noble Clothiers,Of Honour and Renown,If they take Wood’s Half pence, They will be all cast down.O Dublin &c.

The Shoe-makers came on the next,And said they wou’d much rather,Than be by Wood’s Copper vext,Take Money Stamps in Leather. O Dublin &c.

The Chandlers next in order came,And what they said was right;They hop’d the R[ogu]e that laid the Scheme;Wou’d soon be brought to Light. O Dublin &c.

And that if Woods were now withstood,To his Eternal Scandal,That twenty of these Half pence shou’dNot buy a Farthing Candle.O Dublin &c.

The Butchers then those Men so brave,Spoke thus and with a Frown;Should Woods that c[unnin]g S[coundre]l K[nav]e;Come here we’d knock him down.O Dublin &c.

For any R[ogu]e that comes to Truck;And Trick away our Trade,Deserves not only to be stuck,But also t be Flay’d. O Dublin &c.

The Bakers in a Ferment were,And Wisely shook their Head;Shou’d these Brass tokens once come here,We’d all have lost our Bread.O Dublin &c.

It set the very Tinkers madThe Beaseness of the Metle,Because they said it was so bad,It would not mend a Ketle:O Dublin &c.

The Carpenters and Joiners stood,Confounded in a Maze,They seem’d to be all in a Wood,And so they went their ways.O Dublin &c.

This Coin how well cou’d we Employ it,In raising of a Statute,To those Brave Men, that wou’d destroy it,And then Old Woods have at you.O Dublin &c.

God prosper long our Tradsmen then,And so he will I hope,May they be still such honest Men,When Woods has got a R[op]eO Dublin is a fine Town.FINIS.