A new song sung at the Club at Mr Taplin’s, the sign of the Drapier’s Head in Truck Street
(Tune: The Queen's Progress to Bath)

A New Song, Sung at the Club at Mr Taplin’s. The Sign of the Drapier’s Head in Truck-Street.To the Tune of the Apprentices Song in Massonry.
  • Exegi Monumentum Ære perennius. HORAT.
  • I.With brisk merry LaysWe’ll sing to the PraiseOf that honest Patriot, the DRAPIER;Who, all the World knows,Confounded our Foes,With Nothing but Pen, Ink and Paper.

    II.A Spirit Divine,Ran through ev’ry Line,And made all our Hearts for to caper:He sav’d us our Goods,And Dumfounder’d Woods;Then long Life and Health to the DRAPIER.

    IIIWE ne’er shall forget,His Judgment, or Wit, But Life, you must know, is a Vapour;In Ages to come,We well may Presume,They’ll Monuments raise to the DRAPIER.

    IVWHEN Senators meet,They’ll surely think fit,To Honour and Praise the good DRAPIER;Nay Juries shall join,And Sheriffs Combine,To thank him in well written Paper.

    VYOU Men of the Comb,Come lay by your Loomb,And go to the Sign of the DRAPIER;To TAPLIN Declare,You one and all are,Kind Loving good Friends to his Paper.

    VITHEN join Hand in Hand,T’each other firm stand,All Health to the CLUB and the DRAPIER;Who merrily meet,And sing in Truck-Street,In Praise of the well written Paper.