Ad hanc doctor egregius

Ad hanc doctor egregius adveniens Patricius predicabat gentilibusquod tenebat operibus.

Confluebat gentilitas ad eius sacra monita et respuens diabolum colebat regem omnium.

Gaudebatque se liberam remeasse ad patriamqua serpentis astucia olim expulsa fuerat.

Qua propter dilectissimihuius in laude presulis psallamus Christo cordibus alternantes et vocibus.

Ut illius suffragio liberati a vitio perfruamur in gloria visione angelica.

Laus sit Patri in Filio cum Spiritu Paraclitoqui suo dono gratie misertus est Hybernie.
Arriving on this island the noble teacher, Patrick,preached to the pagans what he lived in his life.

The pagans flocked to hearhis sacred warningsand spitting out the devilworshipped the King of all.

And rejoicing to be free they returned to their homeland from which they had once been expelledthrough the serpent’s cunning.

Therefore, most beloved,let us sing psalms in turn to Christwith heart and voicein praise of this bishop.

Set free from vice,may we by his prayerenjoy to the fullthe angelic vision in glory.

Praise be to the Father, in the Sonwith the Spirit Paraclete,who by his gift of gracehas shown mercy to Ireland.