Ecce fulget clarissima

Ecce fulget clarissima Patricii solempnitas in qua carne deposita felix transcendit sidera.

Qui mox a puericia divina plenus gratia vitam cepit diligere dignitatis angelice.

Hic felici prosapia ortus est in Britannia perceptoque baptismate studet ad alta tendere.

Sed futurorum prescius, clemens et rectus dominus hunc direxit apostolum Hybernie ad populum.

Erat namque hec insula bonis terre fructifera, sed cultore ydolatra mergebatur ad infima.

Laus sit Patri in Filio cum Spiritu Paraclito, qui suo dono gratie misertus est Hybernie.

Behold the shining brightnessof the solemnity of Patrickwhen, having laid aside his body, he joyfully ascends to heaven.

Already from his boyhood he was filled with divine graceand began to love the life of angelic dignity.

This man of blessed lineagewas born in Britain and after receiving baptism strove to attain the heights.

But the merciful and just Lord,knowing the shape of future things,directed this apostle to the people of Ireland.

For this island wasrich in the good things of the earthyet dragged down to the lowest pointby idolatrous worship.

Praise be to the Father, in the Sonwith the Spirit Paraclete,who by his gift of gracehas shown mercy to Ireland.