Jhesu redemptor omnium

1. Ihesu redemptor omniumnos servos sancti Cannici per ipsius suffragium regni fac cives celici.

2. Divino sub obsequio plures habens discipulos erexit pio studio sacros virtutum titulos. 3. Dum sancte vite regulis devota mente paruitverbo vita miraculis late per orbem claruit.

4. Ingressus in Ytaliam ignis fornacem superat, quem miram per potenciam Deus a mari liberat.

5. In trinitate simplici soli Deo sit gloriaqui prece sancti Cannicinos ducat ad celestia.

O Jesus, Redeemer of all,make us, the servants of St Canice,through his suffragecitizens of the heavenly kingdom.

Under divine obedience having many disciples by his pious zealhe raised up holy churches of virtues.

While with a devoted mindhe was obedient to the rules of a holy life,for his preaching, his life and his miracles he was widely known through the world.

Having entered Italyhe overcomes the furnace of fire,he whom God frees from the sea through his wonderful power.

In the undivided Trinitylet glory be to God alonewho through the prayer of St Canicemay lead us to heavenly things.